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Holi, “the festival of colours” is celebrated at the beginning of spring and triumph of good over evil. This festival was originated in India and is still widely celebrated there as a religious festival; it has been adopted in many places around the world. In Hindu celebrations, Holi is secular one which draws on various mythologies. First and foremost which draws on the legend of Radha and Krishna is the burning of the devil Holika. Krishna loved Radha but felt self-conscious about his skin-colour. His mother gave him advice, he went and playfully painted her face, so it was the same colour as his. It is said that lovers often celebrate Holi in this tradition, by colouring their faces with the same colour during the celebrations.

However, Holi is the time for people to get together and enjoy themselves. It is supposed to be a time when friends, families, and communities can get together without any concern for caste or ethnicity, although how much this holds true in reality is debatable. Certain groups take their religious elements more seriously than others. The Holi celebrations last for 16 days in the Braj region of India.

Holi is about throwing and applying of coloured water and powders on friends and family. The coloured powder - or gulal - signifies the coming of spring and all the new colours it brings to nature. The four primary powder colours are red that reflects love and fertility, blue indicates the colour of Krishna, yellow shows colour of turmeric and green symbolizes spring and new beginnings.

Gifts are an integral part of the festival of Holi. People love to celebrate this festival with colours, food, and appropriate presents. This is a fete of joy that helps in strengthening the bonds of friendship and love.

Holi gifts are more like a tradition. Sweets are an integral part of this grand Indian festival. All kinds of delicacies such as Almond Barfi, Gulab Jamun, Rose Flavored Custard, Vermicelli Pudding, Coconut Barfi, Mathura Peda, Semolina Pudding, Rangeela Petha, Gujia, and Sweet Kachori are either prepared at home or purchased from shops are sent as gifts to near and dear ones.

Gifting garments is another tradition. Traditional gifts like “Kohli”, travel money, are given to daughters by the mother on this occasion. Another traditional gift ‘Pyala’ is given to given to son-in-laws on Holi. This gift includes a special drink and some amount of money.

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