Housewarming Gifts

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Importance Of House Warming

In Indian tradition, every new beginning warrants for a special start. And amongst them, Grah Pravesh is a ritual performed by all. With a new home there comes new hopes and dreams. But, before you begin your new life, it is must to invite the almighty’s presence to your living space. However, today’s ritual may seem more materialistic, but the purpose behind them remains unchanged that is to connect, to celebrate and to show our gratitude to the divine power.

House warming is the ritual that is carried in order to drive away any evil force from your home and to make the space alive for a living. Your newly built home is special to you and it’s your duty to fill the space with positive energy. Just like a plant cannot produce fruits until it’s soil is rich, similarly a human must not live in a space that is deconsecrated. Yes, a home needs more consecration than decoration. GruhaPravesam is all about surfacing the right soil into your own kind of plant that is life.

The Celebration Of Housewarming

Moving to a new house is the moment of happiness that calls for a celebration filled with joy and love. The celebration of House warming is a long lasting tradition for years and years. It is all about respecting your new space and thoroughly cleansing the home with peace and positive vibes.

Friends and Families come over your new home to be a part of your happiness and welcomes you into your new house and warm it up to a home. It is also a good way to introduce you to your new neighbours. Moving into a new house is one of the most exciting and sometime overwhelming events one encounter in his life. It’s the perfect chance to show off your newly built house and celebrate the new chapter in your life. House warming is a way to catch up with people you love and care the most in your family. In return, they shower us with their greetings and blessings.

History Of Housewarming Gifts

Housewarming is a popular tradition to have family, friends and new neighbours over your new house and share the warm wishes with each other. Along with their good wishes there is also a custom of exchanging gifts. It’s customary to bring a gift to the homeowner that help them settle in.

There is a long history behind this exchange of housewarming gifts. France is known as the origin of housewarming parties. It was a thank you dinner for the people who helped them building the home. People at that time used to bring firewood to warm the house and create a pleasant and loving atmosphere. That’s where from the name “Housewarming” originated. Over the time the tradition of bringing firewoods transformed into giving gifts that would warm the house.

Bluebirds, Pineapple and gift baskets were the common traditional gifts at that time. Bluebirds were a symbol of good luck where pineapple were a symbol of openness and hospitality. A gift basket was usually made of bread, a wine and salt.

Nowadays, bringing bluebirds or breads might look bizzare to many, hence the gifts of today are much transformed and modern. The articles for new home gifts are changed today but the desire is still the same as before that is gift something that is useful to the new homeowner.

And the home decor items are the most common gift category when it comes to housewarming gifts as they are useful and beautiful at the same time. But different people have different taste when it comes to decoration so always stick to either some basic decoration items, electrical goods or go for some unique handicrafts items online. Yes, the Indian Handicrafts are the next popular gift category that people are often attracted to. These handmade items not only are beautiful but they are also used in home decoration and loved by all.

How Handicrafts One Are Better Than Regular One?

Handicraft items or handmade gift items represent that you are attached to your roots and in love with your heritage. It indicates that you like it to be authentic rather than modern. Handicraft items are always a better choice and option for any kind of gifting ex-corporate, marriage, housewarming and many. The reason is simple. It has a unique touch that you simply can’t find in every other supermarket of your street. These handicraft items are your everytime saviour when you are looking for gifts online and are much better than your regular ones.

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