Karwa Chauth Gifts

Stylish green jhumka earrings
The stylish green jhumka earrings boasts an eye-catching combination of green semiprecious stones and white beads to make for a stylish earring
Designer turquoise jhumka earrings
The designer turquoise jhumka earrings boast a truly remarkable design pattern, which is bound to accentuate the beauty of all its wearers
Exquisite ram leela earrings
The exquisite ram leela earrings are sure to look pretty on any wearer because of its traditional design and quality execution
Fashionable jhumki earrings
The pair of fashionable jhumki earrings makes for a truly dramatic choice of jewelry piece to adorn the ear and earn some well-deserved appreciation
Turquoise peacock earrings
The turquoise peacock earrings features an exquisite design to draw appreciation from one and all
White kundan stone necklace
Adding grace to the set square measure the inexperienced hanging teardrops adorning the pendant and earrings.
Designer kundan set
The double strings of white kundan beads and also the flower formed kundan pendant with a red teardrop hanging square measure undoubtedly the highlights of this fantastically designed jewellery.
Kundan pearl necklace
This stunning kundan jewellery is graced by a double pendant designed like in a very flower and heart within the centre and a double lined chain of kundan beads.
Red stone embossed in kundan necklace
The aesthetic style of this kundan jewellery and earrings set catches the eyes of the observer instantly, having a red hanging drop at the top and also the matching earrings.
Red stone and kundan set
Adding to the vividness of the colors square measure the red teardrop hangings that square measure placed at the top of the pendant and also the equally designed earrings.
Traditional kundan necklace
The matching earrings square measure designed specifically just like the pendant and compliment the jewellery absolutely to create a swish jewelry set. Provide yourself the royal treatment!
Purple ram leela earrings
The purple ram leela earrings can win over everyone through the warm shades and rich design
Mesh type bangles
The beautiful white AD stone work decorating the mesh style provides the bangles associate exquisite look creating them excellent party wear.
Red, green kundan bangles
Available solely in an exceedingly single normal size, the bangles are designed from base metal of brass that has been lined with a layer of small gold plating.
Wavy design 4 bangles set
The twisted wavy style of this set of 4 bangles provides it’s a novel look that's quite completely different from the same old patterns, Elegant to the core!
Dark green eye edges bangles
This elegant combine of peacock bangles attracts the eyes instantly with its dark inexperienced color.
Fashionable purple earrings
The fashionable purple earrings provide the perfect amalgamation of attractive design and brilliant craftsmanship
Minakari crafted bangles
Adding to the fantastic thing about the bangle square measure the dazzling white and purple stones that square measure placed on prime of the metal base. Beautiful isn’t it!
Glittering brassed bangles
Atop the bottom square measure placed multiple layers of stones with reminder red and inexperienced and interspersed with creative patterns made from identical metal from that the bottom has been crafted.
Blue pair of bangles
This plain and straightforward blue bangle has been crafted into a novel and exquisite piece of jewelry with the assistance of the attractive decoration of gold plated brass metal adorned with glistering stones at its head.
Red & green exquisite bangles
The dense plotting of miniature white and different colored stones close to the pinnacle of the bangle is complimented fantastically by the sprinkling of slightly larger white stones across the circumference.
Kundan studded bangles
The inexperienced shaded stones area unit organized on the highest circumference of the bangle during a definite pattern of one circular stone followed by four teardrop formed stones.
Red & green peacock earrings
This pair of red & green peacock earrings is bound to make its wearers look pretty beyond measure
Simple stud earrings
This combine of fashion earrings presents yet one more example of the very fact that simplicity is that thegreatest beauty.
Circular white stones earrings
At the bottom of the stud connected a white teardrop formed hanging fogbound at intervals a gold plated brass metal frame that conjointly forms the bottom of earrings.
Winged earrings
This combine of designer earrings has been titled just like the open wings of a peacock.
Party wear stylish bali
This combine of earrings designed within the form of ancient balis is ideal for each casual and party wear.
Pair of fashion earrings
This combine of fashion earrings presents a soothing charm because of the turquoise and white stone work that adorns them.
Pair of multicolor desire earrings
this pair of multicolor desire earrings is bound to not only make its wearers look extremely pretty but also make them look trendy and fashionable
White & red stone embeded earrings
The elegant combination of white and red stone work is what makes this try of earrings really fashionable and stylish. Though the stones are set in a very straightforward style, the general impact they produce is really mesmeric, A real treat for eyes!
Budd shaped earrings
The real great thing about the earrings lies within the glorious white stones that surround the red coral centre piece each within the bud and also the hanging chatra with hanging teardrop.
Brassed designer earrings
Adding beauty to the knotty metal style square measure the glorious white and black semi-precious stones that adorn the earrings. Vogue comes very easy with this piece of jewelry.
Long embeleshed earrings
The combination of semi-precious stones of variable colours boost the class and charm of the earrings that's bound to create heads flip your manner.
Thewa pendant set with emerald hanging balls
The gold plated brass metal chain of this exquisite jewelry is employed to hold an outsized oval formed pendant is fretted with convoluted metal carving and adorned with good white stones and dazzling inexperienced beads hanging at the bottom.
Designer peacock green bangle
The brilliance of this jewellery item area unit gold plated brass metal adornments and also the plain dark inexperienced girth of the bangle adorned with designer strip.
Overlaid brassed bangles
This combine of designer peacock bangles has been molded from small gold plated brass metal, providing a really distinctive and exquisite look.
Intricate gold plated bangles
The extra little bit of brightness being radiated from the gold plating offers it the glistering richness that produces it therefore attractive!
Party wear designer bangles
Adding additional to the sweetness of the bangle square measure the tiny delicate trying gold plated brass metal dots.
White studded bangles
The glorious style interspersed with elegant stone and pearl work ads to the grace of white color that's outstanding feature of this bangle sliced for royalty.
Stunning red setting bangles
The gorgeous setting of inexperienced and white stones on an inexperienced background combines with the presence of 2 large pearls at the bangle’s head leave onlookers stunned for a minute.
Designer moulded bangles
Adorning these metal patterns square measure the glistering lovely white and red stones of varied shapes and sizes. The bangle is but, obtainable solely in a very single commonplace size.
Turquoise coloured drop bangles
The dark inexperienced background, the tiny white and inexperienced stones that adorn the circumference and therefore the turquoise colored teardrop stones placed at regular intervals, along mix to produce and chic look to the current designer bangle quit
Pair of exquisite jhumki earrings
This pair of exquisite jhumki earrings can be part of your attire for any special occasion because of its inherent charm
Meenakari ferred bangles
The bangle has conjointly been adorned by lovely white and red little masonry. Additionally there’s conjointly a giant red stone placed within the diamond formed pattern placed right in middle.
White & red embedded bangles
The fashion bangle presents associate awful sight with its fantastically embellished circumference adorned with red stones reticulated with gold plated brass metal patterns.
Weaved designer bangles
Intricate patterns of gold plated brass metal are weaved on this designer bangle crafted from an identical metal, and are embellished with blue stones.
2 peacock headed bangles
The tail of the peacocks is adorned with little pearls whereas the remaining circumference is embellished artistically with lovely patterns and masonry.
Bangle exhibits peacock
The blue and white shimmering stones compliment the attractive patterns sliced on the remaining circumference of the bangle molded from gold plated brass metal.
Multilayered gold plated brass bangles
The inexperienced and red shade of the bottom adds to the attractive look of the bangles that square measure obtainable in 3 totally different sizes for females.
Multicoloured designer bangles
The magnificence of this piebald designer bangle comes from the glorious combination of gold plated brass metal and multicolored masonry that offer the bangles a superb and imposing look.
Gold plated brass bangles
The bangles are given a screw that makes sporting and removing them very simple while not damaging the very delicate masonry.
Youthful pair of bangles
This combine of bangles incorporates a immature look and attractiveness that instantly wins the guts of any lady.
Enormous pearl headed bangles
The remaining circumference of the bangle is adorned by glistering white, red and inexperienced stones assault a red and inexperienced base and intersperse with patterns created from gold plated brass metal.
Gold plated twisted bangles
The creative minakari work has been interspersed with glistering white beads that enhance the beauty and appearance of the bangle that is accessible in a very single commonplace size.
Royal traditional bangles
This designer bangle incorporates a royal and ancient look because of its attractive red base interspersed with glistering white stone work.
Green ad adorable bangles
Featuring a very straightforward style, the most highlight of this combine of lovable bangles is that the inexperienced AD stone work, another identifying facet of the bangles is that the mesh like aspect pattern.
Red glittered bangles
This glorious set of 4 designer bangles options a blinding piebald stone work assault prime of the brass metal base with small gold plating.
Crafted fashion bangles
The plain circular base of this combine of bangles has been crafted from gold plated brass metal.
2 bangles set
The set of fashion bangles include 2 bangles bearing the classic and straightforward age recent style of a lucid circle adorned with dazzling white stones.
Set of four bangles
This attractive set of 4 designer bangles, crafted from base metal of brass bedded with small gold, square measure adorned with dazzling white AD stones giving them associate exquisite look.
Pearl placed bangles
The first issue that draws viewers to the current unambiguously designed bangle is that the 2 monumental pearls placed at its head.
Mesh adorned ad bangles
The distinctive mesh kind style of this elegantly designed combine of bangles is adorned with AD stone work.
Red & white stoned bangles
This combine of extraordinarily skinny designer bangles has been fantastically adorned with red and white Ad stones to gift a mesmeric look.
Gold plated green earrings
The brilliance of the gold plated brass metal has been fantastically complimented by the inexperienced stone centrepiece and exquisite white stone work Adding to the wonder of this piece of jewelry square measure the red teardrop hangings connected to the
Designer earrings peacock shaped
Adding to the mesmeric look of the piece of ear jewellery square measure the red teardrop hangings connected to the bottom of studs.
Studded fashion earrings
While the stud and also the middle hanging are adorned with inexperienced shaded white kundan beads, the red teardrop at the top adds a contrastive result to the combine.
Beaded earrings
The brilliant white stone work and inexperienced bead work any augment their distinctive beauty.
Metal base floral earrings
This subtly enticing combine of earrings options a floral style attack the bottom metal of brass having small gold plating.
Stone studded pair of earrings
The dazzling stone work adorning the studs that feature a central piece of inexperienced bead additionally because the teardrop formed white stone hanging augment the mesmeric great thing about the style earrings.
Star shaped studded earrings
Set on the bottom metal of brass superimposed with small gold plating, the studs are adorned with maroon sun stones in an exceedingly rounded triangle form. Despite their straightforward style they gift a particularly sleek look.
White green & red studded earrings
The simple style has been become one thing really exclusive by the superb white stone work that has been interspersed with red and inexperienced beads and an inexperienced teardrop hanging.
Contrasting hanging earrings
The glitter and purity of the white stone work, that forms the most body of the earrings, is fantastically contrasted by the red bead placed at the top.
Metal based earrings
The white stone work adorned with one red bead within the centre and red teardrop hanging at the bottom of the earrings build them really distinctive and exquisite.
Green gem studded jhumki
The beautiful style of the gold plated brass metal base of the earrings is additional accentuated by the glorious white stone work.
Red gem studded jhumki
The earrings have conjointly been adorned with scintillate white stone work and inexperienced beads and have red teardrop hanging that emerges from beneath the crown of the very fashionable jhumki.
Studded earrings
Enhancing its beauty square measure the glorious red and white stones whereas the bottom of the studs is adorned with minute pearls and is hooked up to gold plated metal topped pearl hangings.
Peacock arted earrings
The dazzle of blue stones makes the peacocks come back to life whereas the glitter of white stones forming their tail still because the pink teardrop hanging boost overall beauty.
Royal white & red pair of earrings
This try of fashion earrings red and white stones adding to the grace of the try square measure the dazzling white pears that adorn the lower portion of the studs and also the red teardrop hanging.
Studded colourful pair of earrings
The studs square measure fantastically adorned with inexperienced white red and pink stones beside little pearls in a very triangular crown like formation and having atiny low pearl hanging.
Crafted fashion earrings
To enhance the grace of the earrings the lower components are adorned with scintillate pearls in a very circular setting round the central piece with floral style.
Glittered pair of earrings
Designed in a very straightforward pattern, the metal edges are adorned with semi-precious gemstones and pearls that boost the aesthetic look of this glorious jewelry piece.
Royal coloured beads engraved earrings
This try of earrings looks like it's been designed for royalty itself. The elegant look is completed by the pearl hangings hooked up to the bottom of those fashionable earrings.
Gold plated earrings
The small gold plated base metal of brass has been effectively employed in the forefront and its beauty is additional increased by the sprinkling of white stone and bead work and also the pearl hanging hooked up to the top of the earrings.
Blue beaded jhumki
The highlight of this try of in an elaborate way designed jhumki vogue try of earrings is unquestionably the splatter of blue beads and gems that adorn the small gold plated brass metal base.
Red & green gem studded earrings
The shimmer of the small gold plated brass metal base is additional increased by this excellent combination of 2opposing colors.
Pearl earrings
To complete the creative look, the earrings are supplied with pearl teardrop hangings hooked up to the bottom of the jhumkis.
Ruby studded earrings
The contrastive colors of red ruby and inexperienced emeralds that adorn this glorious try of earrings provide it a mesmeric and royal look.
Rajasthani bali shaped earrings
The simple style of those island formed earrings adds to their beauty and elegance, finishing the normal lookis that the dark brown oval hanging.
Double hanging traditional earrings
The double hanging look of the earrings comes from the extended string of pearls that force down behind the earlobes for supporting the burden of serious earrings with pearl teardrops hanging from each ends.
Triple tiered earrings
The contrastive red hangings that square measure hooked up at the bottom of the center tier designed like a sublime flower complement the general beauty and style of this jewelry piece.
Teardrop hanging earrings
The try of earrings includes of a floral formed bud having browse teardrop hangings at the bottom.
Ethnic earrings
The try of fashionable kundan earrings supporting Associate in Nursing ethnic style may be a positive winner. This distinctive jewellery is ideal for private use still as for gifting functions.
Petals shape studded earrings
This try of stud earrings has been designed within the form of a star flower with the petals and also the core of the star being fashioned by emeralds.
Floral crafted earrings
The similar style of the buds and also the hanging hooked up to the bottom compliment the general great thing about these fashionable items of jewellery for the ears.
Turquoise earrings
The simple style of those turquoise earrings adds to their beauty and charm. Use it for everyday wear or dazzle everybody with these elegant earrings on a big day.
Coral earrings
The try of earrings has been designed for girls with deep sense of favor and style that placed on a gold plated brass metal base that conjointly encloses all beads on an individual basis.
White beaded on green earrings
The higher a part of these kundan earrings consisting of white beads on an inexperienced shaded background has been assault a brass metal base with small gold plating.
Emerald jhumki
The beautiful try of earrings adorned with Associate in Nursing emerald centerpiece and emerald teardrop hangings at the top provides a royal look and attractiveness.
Designer earrings
The higher a part of the earrings is circular in form and fantastically adorned with varicolored kundan beads. The lower half options a crown with triple chains with red metal embedded beads.
Round shaped designer earrings
This try of fashion earrings is intended for party wear functions and adorned with stunning white kundan beads set and find the pinnacle turns!
Traditional jhumki
The jhumkis are fantastically adorned with scintillate Kundan beads of various colours and shapes and conjointly feature a string of very little red rounded beads hanging at the top.
Gem studded earrings
The elongated flower style is highlighted with the assistance of the red central piece whereas the red teardrop hangings boost the fashion quotient.
Semi precious gem embedded earrings
The different colored stones that adorn the sides boost the fashion and charm - creating this piece of jewelry simply good to wane any occasion. Designed thus subtly it's quite a sight to behold!
Long designer earrings
The combination of red and white kundan beads set in a much outlined pattern beside the red teardrop hanging adorned with little inexperienced beads at the highest, enhance their grace.
Green stoned earrings
Adding to the class of the try square measure the little red rounded beads that adorn the highest of the teardrop formed hangings placed at the top.
Kundan heavy earrings
Set on a thinly gold plated brass metal the scintillant white stones that surround the central emerald boost their grace whereas the teardrop formed metal embedded stone hangings enhance the fashion issue.
Rajasthani kundan earrings
The cream colored pearl teardrop hangings that are hooked up to the top additional enhance the sweetness of this esthetically designed try of earrings.
White beaded kundan necklace
The royal look of this pearl jewellery and matching earrings set is enough to win the guts of any feminine, with the assistance of polki style gold plated brass quadrants.
Pearl and kundan set
The chain of the necklaces is created by white kundan beads and also the earrings even have constant inverted flower arrangement style that is wonderful.
Kundan set with red meena
The jewellery options a red beaded string having a pendant made of white kundan stones organized in heart form and having a red teardrop hanging. The earrings square measure designed within the same manner as pendant.
Green hanging stone in kundan set
The set is ideal for carrying on special occasions or for everyday use and might even be used as a present for a stunning girl.
Kundan necklace with red stones
The chain of the trendy jewellery is intended from white rounded and heart formed kundan beads hooked up to gold plated brass metal base.
Green necklace with rosed stones
The ornate style of the pendent crafted from white kundan stones and that includes a dark inexperienced teardrop hanging at its finish is really glorious.
Ganesh Marble Meenakari Pooja Thali Online For Ladies
The beautiful artwork of Lord Ganesha’s head in the first half of the pooja thali along with conch, pot & the use of the pious colors of red, saffron and green over a marble item sets the right mood for a religious offering or pooja!
Marble Handicrafts Conch Chopra Online For Ladies
The magnificent marble meenakari work Chopra combined with the perfect combination of round and teardrop-shaped beads placed on a golden background adorn the conch and the square plate. Perfect for return gifts for pooja!
Blue coloured embroidary Diary for Sale
This diary can be your sophisticated gift option for any event & for anyone. The blue cover with handmade pages is all you can opt for from boontoon.
Attractive Metal & Pearl Clutch Bag for Party Lovers
Stand out of the crowd in a party by carrying this metal & pearl party clutch. This designer clutch provides you ample space to keep your belongings organized with style & can be your ideal companion for every occassion.
Wooden pitari box with brass & resin designs
This pitari box is most demanding because of its unique shape and design. If your lady wish to have this to keep her valuables safely, then hit the order now option soon!
Set of brass made musician monkeys
Drum beating monkeys is what this duo is all about. Built of brass to mean fun and look outstanding anywhere and everywhere.
Red & green crafted jhumki earrings
The red & green crafted jhumki earrings pair is ideal for accentuating the beauty of any attire through its combination of rich shades

Festival For Married Women | Karwa Chauth

Karva Chauth falls on the fourth day of the Hindu month of Kartik in the lunisolar schedule. Generally, wedded ladies and those achieving the eligible watch the day by fasting thoroughly from dawn and breaking the quick when the moon rises.

The one day celebration is for the most part seen in Indian states like Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan and parts of Uttar Pradesh.

As indicated by Mahabharata's Vana Parva, Karva Chauth can be followed back to the time when Savitri asked the divine force of death, Master Yama, for her significant other's spirit. Different stories say how ladies, whose spouses left them for long stretches to battle in wars, watched day-long fasts appealing to God for their husbands' well being.

They spruced up in their finest clothing and arranged expound suppers a while later. "Karva" implies earthen pots used to store wheat and "Chauth" implies the fourth day. Celebrated on the fourth day (chaturthi) of Krishna Paksh in the Hindu month Kartik, a couple of days before the celebration, ladies purchase these circular, earthen pots, paint lovely plans on them and put bangles and strips, desserts, make-up things, and little garments inside them. They would then visit other ladies and trade the karvas.

This holy and spiritual ritual performed by your wife begets a gift from you. Your wife starves herself and sacrifices her needs for you, to prove how much you mean to her. A token of gratitude, a gesture of love will surely make her feel that her effort is being recognized and appreciated.

A gift can put a smile on her face and a feeling of content in her heart that will go a long way. It will strengthen your bond with her as you will be reciprocating a gesture of love. Select from our traditional handicrafts gifts for your wife now!

But the question arises, what to gift to your wife? Gift buying is a hard job in the first place. But Boontoon makes it easier for you, you can find the same by surfing our online store for traditional karwa chauth gifts.

At Boontoon you will find the most unique items. Our traditional handicrafts gifts set us apart from others. In the art of gift giving, hand made gifts take the most effort and pain. When you put your time and hardwork in making a gift, it is always viewed with love and appreciated. We have varieties of hand made crafts made from materials like marble, wooden, wooden gemstone, wooden kundan, german silver, meenakari, oxidised, gemstone, brass, metal etc.

India is a place where there are different societies and ethnicities. The craftsmans of India are honored with a rich social legacy that reflects in their painstaking work. Each Indian Handicrafts has enchanted and without a doubt marvel. They are all-inclusive popular for their one of a kind, perplexing and expressive appeal.

Do you want to be able to provide the warmest of the gifts but you do not have the time to spare? We are here to help! Choose from our exclusive collection having all kinds of items that can be given as presents. Our items are loved praised all over the world, including USA, UK, Australia, Singapore etc.

Our unique hand made traditional gift collection for your wife includes silver plates, glass sets, pudding bowls etc. Pooja Thalis are our speciality. We have Pooja Thalis in gold, German silver, gemstones, oxidised and much more verities. The price of our collection for Karwa Chauth gifts including Pooja Thalis ranges from Rs 235/- to Rs. 7785/-

Our Indian Handicrafts are a gift that can never go out of style and fashion. You can also personalize your gift with personal name. We have the option available for you, to make your present exclusive and one of a kind. Choose Boontoon today and make your gift the most cherished one.

You can get messages written in your gift, for instance: Here is a Pooja thali for the best wife in the world or something as simple as I love you, honey!