Key Holder

The vintage cottage key holder is one of the most elegant and sophisticated key holder to add a sophisticated and elegant look to your home. Crafted with an assortment of colours, this key paper Mache key holder is a perfect blend of style with utility. You can choose from a variety of designs and colors of cottage key holder for your home.
Adorn your home with some of the best designed kundun lord ganesha key holder that is good to look at and traditional as well. The key holder has been crafted by well skilled artisans and has an excellent design and appearance. This is an unparalleled piece of art that you must look forward to buying this festive season.

Key Organizers You'll Love

A key is a device that is used to operate a lock (such as to lock or unlock it). A key is usually intended to operate one specific lock or a small number of locks that are keyed alike, so each lock requires a unique key. The key serves as a security token for access to the locked area; only persons having the correct key can open the lock and gain access.

Keys provide an inexpensive, though perfect, method of access control to physical properties like buildings, vehicles and cupboards or cabinets. As such, keys are an essential feature of modern living, and are common around the world. It is common for people to carry the set of keys they need for their daily activities around with them.

Everyone knows that last minute panic to find your keys. You have to make space in your house where you can put your keys. So there is need for the key holders to keep all of your important keys at a place and avoid panic.

Key holders may have something for animal or music lovers and for those wanting to add a little pop of color to the wall. You can even house other things like mail, coats, and scarves. Or you can keep it simple with an unobtrusive key holder that blends right in and merely does its job without getting in the way.

With sincerity and hard work of our professionals, we here at Boontoon provide you with premium quality key holder stands. Our handicraft key holders have an attractive design and can hold multiple keys at a time. Handicraft key holder is the perfect small gift for the discerning individual. Handmade with the high quality material, the key chain is lightweight and practical and allows you to find your keys with ease and in one place.

Handicraft key holder with rustic accents is meant to be passed on from one generation to the other. These stylish looking, fine key chains help organize your keys in such a way that you will never ever want to lose them again.

With the expansion of the corporate world taking place at a fast pace and due to the cut throat competition, companies are forced to implement innovative ideas for getting more clients and at the same time keeping their employees happy, to ensure that their products or services are of the highest quality. The right gift for employees and clients can be a challenging job but we here at Bootooon help you with a large variety of very stylish and beautiful handmade key holders that you can use for a home purpose as well as a corporate gift for employees and clients. You can personalize the key holders by adding company name or logo to them.

Our artisans are skilled workers of Rajasthan who are practising this art since generations. These are not only adapt in their skill but also have brought modifications in the arts and crafts of Rajasthan keeping in view the ever changing world and the demands of the costumers. Their handicrafts are a perfect blend of traditional heritage and creative modernization which make their items unique and are highly praised and called for in the whole world.

These handicrafts are made of pure quality wood, marble, oxidized metals, brass, German silver, and glass. All these are eco-friendly materials and can be recycled again and again. The use of fine and delicate embroidery, beautiful and precious gemstones and marbles and elegant paintings distinguish these key holders from the normal ones giving them a traditional look. These not only organize your keys but go beautifully with your home décor enhancing the beauty of your house and provide you mental and spiritual peace.

These elegant key holders are made in different shapes from simple round, semi-circular and rectangle shapes to beautiful animal shapes like classy wooden or grey elephants, beautifully designed running horses, soulful peacocks and camels as well as stunning floral framework, Jharokha style wooden key holders, beautiful wooden or brass door key holders and gemstone wall Bano Thani design. As Diwali, Eid, Holi gifts they perfectly depict your love and can be used as retirement gifts or gifts to your employees or clients and increase the cultural harmony and love.

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