Metal Handicrafts

Male Musician Statue of Metal and Wood
The decorative metal & wood male musician statue playing instruments with antique embossed work is sure to add to the visual opulence of your home décor with its rich design and fine execution
Metal and Wooden Female Musician Statue
This decorative female musician statue playing instruments with antique embossed work in metal & wood is sure to mesmerize you with its enchanting design and understated elegance.
Jaipuri Painted Serving Platter made of Metal
Irradiate the grace of your Table top by owning this artistic Food Serving Platter. Made of metal & done with a touch of Jaipuri painting this is definitely something that we call attention gainer.
Metal Ganesha on Swastik for Wall Hanging
Enliven your home with this beautiful looking metal swastik wall piece comprising of lord ganesha made from metal which reflects the imaginative vividness and adds elegance to your home decor.
Metal Ganesha for Wall Hanging
Om and swastik symbol coupled with lord ganesha will give you a sense of peace, divinity and tranquility, wherever you are.
Laxmi-Ganesha Wall Hanging for Shubh Labh
Illuminate your beloved home with this divine and positive wall hanging of laxmi and ganesha which is made from genuine white metal which portrays the state of art creativity and talent of the artisans in India.
Metal lord Ganesha showpiece
Lord ganesh is a symbol of peace and happiness and this is what the lord ganesha statue on flower home décor symbolizes
Metal Pagdi Lord Ganesha Online
Enlighten your home this puja with this beautiful looking statue of metal pagdi lord ganesh on round base with aasan made from shiny metal which adds elegance and peace to your home
Metal Pagdi Lord Ganesha On Flower Online
Enlighten your home this puja with this beautiful looking statue of metal pagdi lord ganesh on flower made from shiny metal which adds elegance and peace to your home
Brown hued Metal made Lord Ganesha for Pagdi
Lord ganesha is considered to be the lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles. This has been well depicted in the status of the metal pagdi lord ganesha on flower.
Metal Pagdi Lord Ganesha
The metal status of lord ganesha sitting on a round base is a great inspiration for people around it brings home grace and divinity
Brown metal lord Ganesha figurine
The beautiful looking metal effigy of lord ganesh is definitely going to turn heads around with its classiness, divinity and grace
Metal Look Resting On Knee Buddha Statue
Everyone wants peace, happiness and tranquility a home and what is better than the metal resting Buddha on knee which is not only beautiful, but elegant and divine as well
9 variant lord Ganesha wall hanging
Lord ganesha is known to be the god of peace, prosperity and wealth. This wall hanging of lord ganesha with 9 variants is one of the best looking wall hangings that is coupled with style and divinity
Lord Ganesha Wall Hanging on Lotus
The metal wall hanging of lord ganesh on a leaf is a beautiful piece of modern art embossed with art, ethnicity and traditionalism. This is handcrafted accurately and diligently by the best artists in India
White metal chaturbhuj Lord Ganesha
Lord ganesha is known to be the lord of wealth, wisdom and success. Bring home the lord of intellect dressed in white metal and help to enlighten your house with the grandeur of lord ganesha.
Lord Ganesha statue on flower
Lord ganesh is a symbol of peace and happiness and this is what the lord ganesha statue on flower home décor symbolizes. This is one of the most beautiful statues made of white metal and painted with a light tinge of blue for a mesmerizing effect.
Illuminating Your Home With Wall Hanging Of Laddu Gopal
Laddoo gopal has always been known to be auspicious and has been known for its chubby cheeks and charismatic personality. Illuminate your home with the lovely white metal wall hanging that is surely to turn heads around.
Metal Lord Ganesha Statue On Sky Blue Leaf To Adorn Your Home
The metal lord ganesha statue on sky blue leaf is one of the best looking statues which will bring in peace and prosperity to your home. Lord ganesha is crafted with style, traditionalism and perfection on a shining blue leaf . You can adorn your home or your puja room with this wonderful piece of art.
Antique Finish White Metal Round Photo Frame For 2 Photos
Antique finish white metal round photo frame for 2 photos is an ideal wedding gift or anniversary gift for your loved one. It holds precious memories. Made of antique finished white metal, this round photo frame has an elegant look accompanied by style and ethnicity. It surpasses all the contemporary photo frames in style and efficacy as well
Antique Finish White Metal Rectangular Photo Frame To Decorate Your Homes
The antique finish white metal rectangular photo frame has been diligently handcrafted by some of the best artists and craftsmen in India to give the frame an ethnic as well a elegant look. The rectangular shape gives the photo frame an unique appearance and it is also an ideal gift for your loved ones back home.
The Antique Finish White Metal Splendid Photo Frame To Adorn Your Photos
Are you one of those kinds who loves going back to nostalgic memories? The antique finish white metal splendid photo frame will help rejuvenate your memory with its beautiful and elegant looking frame, embossed with white metal that is simply eye catching. Purchase this wonderful piece of photo frame for your living room or your bedroom. Its versatile design and quality craftsmanship will turn your dream come true into a reality.
Bring Serenity With The Beautiful Metal Wall Hanging Of Lord Ganesha With Om
The metal wall hanging of lord ganesha with om will bring a divine serenity to your home décor and the ambience. Crafted with the best quality metal, the ganesha along with the om symbol is great for lovers of ganesha.this is surely a wonderful piece of art that will help grab the attention of guests and your relatives..
Metal Wall Hanging Of Lord Ganesha On Leaf For A Holy Ambience
The metal wall hanging of lord ganesha on a leaf is absolutely a great piece of work which is minutely and intrinsically designed for your beautiful home.shiny and elegant, this wonderful piece of work would be a great gift for the forthcoming ganesh pujas
Metal and Crystal Box For Sale for your Posh Home Décor
The killer combination of silver & golden simply reflects the exuberance of elegance. Choose this box to keep you jewelries or valuable belongings. You can also think it as an option of gifting someone special whom you love.
Metal tribal musician dolls
This set of dolls made of metals ideal for decoration in any living room. The vibrant colour combination makes it more jolly and beautify the shelves.
Metallic cow and calf showpiece
Showcase your down to earth nature with this exclusive metal cow and calf showpiece with intricate designs and a polished silver look that goes great with all types of tables and shelves.

Traditional Indian Metal Handicrafts

The specialty of metal work has been known to Indians for almost 4000 years now. The wonderful picture of the dancing young lady from Mohanjodaro holds declaration of this reality. This demonstrates the high level of workmanship accomplished by old experts.

Traditional handicrafts of India originated from one of the oldest human civilizations of the world. India is home to a noteworthy variety of traditional crafts.

Generally, Indian experts have been utilizing different metals like iron, copper, silver and amalgams like bronze, chime metal, white metal and so forth to create things, for example, pots, dishes, utensils, photograph outlines, models of gods, fanciful figures and animals.

We feel pride in securing a high rank among the makers, merchants and providers of Metal Artifacts. These metal antiquities are acclaimed in the market for their great sparkle. We design these ancieny metal varieties from the best reviewed materials by utilizing the latest procedures.

Metal Handicrafts are remarkable yet glimmering type of ornaments and decoration pieces that improve the appearance of your home.

Why Boontoon For Metal Handicrafts?

They are unique yet scintillating form of ornaments to decorate your house. Some amazing metal handicraft articles made by Boontoon include mouth freshener container, modified pooja plate, metal tapestry, metal doll, metal pen stand, metal light holder, metal tokri with a handle, metallic adornments box, metal hukka, metallic originator bowl, animals and statutes in metal, metal dibbi and so on.

By using excellent skills of our imaginative designers, we are dedicated to offering an intriguing and very interesting collection of decorative white metal handicrafts. Our provided metal handiwork is made of high quality crude material and by using the latest tools as compared to the set market standards.

Additionally, our metal handicrafts are available in various designs and sizes to suit different clients demands, which can be utilized as beautifying things to improve the stylistic layout of homes, office spaces, hotels and restaurants.

Rajasthani Handicrafts carry centuries of skill that has woven enchantment into the Motifs and Designs used. Our online craft store has been interestingly planned to revive any everyday condition.

Our offers entertain you with a large number of items. These metal handicrafts are additionally made with different types of embellishments like meenakari, pearl or stone work which make these items look amazingly imaginative. Any art lover will find these items lucrative for the undeniable reason that they have been minutely sculpted and made.

We enable the Indian workmanship industry to look more exquisite with the assistance of our dedicated workers. We have thoroughly examined the things while making them. Our organization has earned manifold laurels in the fields of production, supply, exchange and export of metal handicraft.

We aim at making things of high caliber. These items are perfect for exhibition at your parlor or in your bed room. A basic metal piece display in the insignificant corner of your room can absolutely re-characterize the presence of that place.

People who like to work in a simple and very much enlivened climate can use the nearness of our metal handiworks in their offices. Even in case of events and occasions, these things can act as beautiful articles of presentation. The metal handicrafts that we produce are made by utilizing high and best grade metals and forefront innovation which ensures their fine quality, smooth surface, perfect shape and high disintegration resistance. These things can be used as home decor items.