Mouth Freshener Holder

Hand painted & crafted wooden box is essential for daily use. The beautiful wooden hand painted box splashes the vivacity of this art piece, which makes it irresistable to have.

Decor Your Table With These Mukhwas Holders

Cleaning and organizing are a practice, not a project. Cleanliness and order are not matters of instincts; they are issues of education and like most great things you need to cultivate the taste for them. When there is both inner and outer cleanliness, it approaches godliness.

In this modern era, looking cool and fresh is the dream of all and mouth freshness is an essential part of it. Most of us have experienced in some part of our life how disgusting it is to smell a rotten mouth talking around us as well as the freshness of a clean mouth. This emphasizes the use of mouth fresheners to keep a healthy fresh mouth not just yours but people around you as well.

Mouth fresheners are part and parcel of every dining table. Using simple yet elegant handmade Rajasthani mouth freshener holders to keep these items safe and always ready to eat just by the side of the table makes you decent and presentable. It not only saves the effort of finding them when you need but also serves as decorative pieces because of their traditional and designer looks.

It especially enhances your reputation in front of guests making you look presentable and displays your aesthetic sense to the fullest as well as in front of your employees and clients in your office.

With a wide range of these holders including serving plates, ash trays, bowls, paan plates etc., you can choose what suits you according to your taste and preferences at Boontoon.

Rajasthani artisans are renowned all around the world not just because of their adept skills in handicrafts but also intellectual creativity with which they beautifully turn simple routine items into traditional and designer masterpieces just using their hands. Modifying their skills and keeping themselves up to date with the modern world has earned them fame not just in India but other parts of the world.

These elegant handmade mouth freshener holders are made of either pure quality wood, marbles, oxidized metals, brass, German silver, and glass. All these materials are eco-friendly and do no harm to the environment and can be recycled again and again. These handicrafts are further beautified using delicate meenakari, gem-work, and precious stones to give them elegant look.

These handicrafts are designed in different shapes and bright colors to relish your aesthetic essence. From simple yet stunning German silver bowl with spoons, twin pudding sets to designer and oxidized designer paan plates to elegant looking flower, swan neck or duck shaped serving plates, boontoon is the best place for you to relish your needs of mouth freshner holders.

These handmade mouth freshener holders not only look decent but also serve a decorative purpose for study or dining tables in houses or in office desks. These can also be gifted to your loved one on or on special occasions like Holi gifts, Diwali gifts, Eid gifts etc.

These beautiful handmade mouth freshener holders also serve the purpose of memorable gifts to your loved one as return gifts in wedding & all occasions and corporate gifts to your employees or clients depicting your true love and affection for them. The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness, not in its values.

These elegant handicrafts are not just for utility purpose but also help decorate your house according to your aesthetic needs. These handicrafts, unlike other materialistic items, keep you connected to your roots and fills the house with spiritualism and gives you a sense of completion.

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