New Handicraft Gifts

New Handicraft Gifts

Everybody loves gifts, especially the ones which are introducing new to the world. Boontoon keeps on addin new series of gifts to the customers, and you can select them according to your choice and the budget you have.

Moreover, the platform is making sure that not a single gift you buy from this place is a burden on your pocket and your gifts stay well under the budget.

So with Boontoon, you always have an option of choosing Rajasthani handicrafts new range. So keep on surfing our handicraft store time to time.

New Range Of Indian Handicrafts By Price

We make sure that whether your budget is Rs 150/- or Rs 5000/-, you can pick something new from handicrafts range from our Boontoon.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about scrolling through the page; just select the price range, and all those products falling in that range will be displayed. You will find the best return gifts under the price range of 300 rupees.

Indian Gifts for Foreigners

This is the best place for foreigners to buy something that is really unique, handmade and close to Indian tradition and culture without even visiting India. Moreover, you can use our online store to gift anything Indian to your foreign friends or clients visiting your country to your planned budget.

Don’t worry about the quality of the products; every product is made with appropriate eco friendly raw materials.

New Range Of Gifts As Wedding Return Gifts

When it's wedding time in your own family, you need think what to gift to the your guests as return gifts. If you didn't like anything from our other, you can always check our new range of return gifts you can buy from here to gift to your guests.

All the gifts are unique, and you can buy them for yourself or your guests. Moreover, as the gifts are purely Indian handicrafts, this will keep the guest love to their culture.

Personalized Handicraft Gifts

We also offer personalized return gifts to your guests, so that your family name will always be displayed in the gift you gave and they can't pass on to others. Moreover, all the gifts we sell are personalized in their nature and outlook, and you can select them with ease.

Furthermore, some of the gifts offered by Boontoon are actually related to some of the events being held in India, such as Diwali, wedding, anniversary (50th or 25th), baby shower etc.

As everybody give return gift to their loved ones and family members, you can get one from our website without wasting any time, something handmade and staying within your budget.

New Handmade Gifts

Boontoon is offering new gifts apart from its felt crafts and other different useful gifts. Some of the gifts it is offering is a Jaipuri Painted Serving platter made of metal, which you can gift to a family for normal daily use.

Moreover, it also offers a resting posed metal Lord Ganesha with Jaipuri painting to the families who are the follower of Lord Ganesha.

Lord Ganesha Gifts

Another Lord Ganesha item we sell is a Lord Ganesha playing Dhapli, and the whole gift is made up of wood and iron combo. Another product of Boontoon to gift to your loved ones is an iron and wooden built Shri Ganesha Playing Congo.

You do not have to worry about the budget as all the gifts are under or in your range so that you can give a gift to your family and friends at their important events. Another lovely gift that we offer is a Banana Bunch shaped metal serving plate with Jaipuri Painting, which cost as low as 500 Indian Rupees.

Another Metal Lord Ganesha gift is what we offer, which has Jaipuri painting on it, and the Lord Ganesha is sitting on rat pose. Moreover, we have a Rajasthani design special pearl decorated Dibbi which you can give to girls who can put their jewelry in it.

You can visit the website as it has a simple interface and won’t be lost searching for gifts. Moreover, we ship gifts worldwide, and you can get a wholesale rate if you order our products in bulk.