Pen Stand

Creative Pen Holders for Home Office

Love of beauty is taste and the creation of beauty is art. The job of the artist is to offer a sanctuary of beauty to an ugly world. Unless and until the surrounding of an artist is well organized and beautifully arranged, he simply cannot perform his job. Whether a pen stand, a key holder or a desk organizer, all are tools for organizing the mess not only on your table but also in your life.

Boontoon with the most diverse collection of elegant handmade Indian handicrafts serves just the same purpose in your life by providing you an opportunity to choose from among the finest and most unique handicrafts, which not only help to organize your life but also serve a decorative purpose and by full filling your aesthetic needs and giving you spiritual and mental satisfaction.

You can also gift these handicraft items to your loved one showing your affections and deep love or to relatives on special occasions like Diwali, Eid, and teacher’s day as a symbol of your love.

One piece of calligraphy equipment that may be overlooked but is definitely an essential part of the calligrapher's utensils is the calligraphy pen holder. Organizing pens and other writing/drawing tools are important, especially if you need to use them regularly. Sometimes, one may have a ton of pens and pencils around the desk at any given moment so getting this pen mess organized is pretty important.

A pen and pencil holder does just what it implies; it holds pens and pencils. Although a box or a bag can also hold pencils and pens, but a holder usually refers to a cylinder-shaped container in which the writing instruments are placed upright.

These pen stands look elegant and can also be used as home décor as well. Study table or office space these handmade Rajasthani pen holders not only organize your precious items and keep them safe but also occupy less space and beautifully merge with other stuff on the table giving a decorative look.

These can also be used as retirement gifts or corporate gifts to employees or clients to convey your gratitude.

Our artisans craft these marvellous pen stands in different shapes like octagonal, hexagonal, cylindrical, round or cylindrical and in beautiful colours so that every customer gets according to their demands.

Pen stands have also become items of decoration as they can be designed manually and also for the craft purpose for small children. The varieties in which these pen stands are made include ceramic, marble, glass, cardboard, wood, metal or enamelled metal. A pen stand usually has a mouth of the same width as the base to keep as many pens, pencils at a time.

Our pen stands are also made by using gem stone painting, cardboard paper, marbled paper and unique ways are used to design these pen stands to make these look graceful and beautiful.

Wooden pencil stands are made using high quality wood and come in various designs, patterns, sizes, and shapes. The charm and the beauty of these wooden pencil holders come out when it is kept on the table top and adjusted it accordingly.

Our products are made of pure, durable and eco-friendly materials which do no harm to our environment and can be recycled easily. Pen and pencil stands are also made out of glass and are beautifully designed with red and white crystal stones. These holders are durable and have splendid look and thus are used effectively for office purposes.

You can personalize these pen stands by adding your company name to it & logo and give it as a corporate gift to employees and clients.

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