Return Gifts: A Meaningful Way to Show Your Appreciation and Respect


Traditional Indian Return Gifts Online For Guests

Gifting is an important tradition where people give each other different presents on different days for example on wedding, anniversary, rakhi, gruhapravesam or any special occasion. Presenting a gift is a thing of love and affection towards special persons or acquaintances. Moreover, you are making that person feel special, along with making them think about you all the time.

Gifts are a statement of appreciation and praise. Regardless of whether you are stating your pledges interestingly, commending your marriage or marking important dates such as your anniversaries, they are extremely popular in the present festivals.

Return gifts are the best thing to provide for your guest to demonstrate your gratefulness and to make them feel good and respected to have been a part of your special occasion.

The tradition of giving return gifts has been practiced everywhere throughout the world for a large number of years. Since times immemorial, kings, queens and noble citizens have been known for offering gifts to the guests. Return gifts are growing in rapid demand nowadays among various dimensions of society. Giving gifts also symbolizes to thank guests for coming and an approach to offer back to ensure the guests were satisfied. However, it becomes difficult to measure the love of a gift through monetary values. Thus, never worry if your gift carries less monetary value, give importance to the amount of love and affection you are showering.

These were not limited to wedding return gifts, but rather were a typical practice in many gatherings and festivities like anniversary, baby shower, gruhapravesam, annaprasana, ladies sangeet, vastu shanti.

Amid these times, the gifts used to be elaborate and costly as they were a method for showing one's wealth and hospitality. For the most part, special products, for example, jewels, valuable stones or sugar were given as return gifts. These gifts were intended to be a token of gratefulness for the guests who graced the unique event with their presence.

What Is The History Of Return Gifts?

The process of gifting came from few European royal blood families, where they exchanged return gifts to their loved ones. These gifts were called bonbonniere in earlier times. Most of these gifts were expensive that were made from valuable gems, stones, or sometimes even gold.

Hundreds of years ago when sugar was the most sought after commodity, it would be considered extremely thoughtful for one to receive sugar as a gift. In some cultures the bride and groom were looked at as having a special power, or good luck charm. So these are a way for the newly married husband and wife to pass along their good luck to their guests in form of a gift.

Few kingdoms had this practice of offering almonds that carried good fortunes to the receiver of the return gifts. Offering almonds to the other person often showcases richness and joy in the kingdom and the state as a whole.

Is it necessary to give a return gift? Reasons Why One Must Give Return Gifts To Guests?

1) Gratitude and Thanks To Your Guests: Everyone expects that their distant family members and relatives to attend the wedding. This is why that many family members fly from far-off places to turn up for the big event. Many even try to postpone their vacation so that they can attend the wedding. Others take leave from their individual offices, and the kids take leave from their schools.
Hence, you can present their gifts to express your token of love and gratitude towards them. It will make your guests special, as they will feel that you have pushed the limits to feel you are important to them.
It's important to show gratitude to your guests and thanks them specially when they take out days from their hectic schedule to attend your special day and make it more special.
2) Remember Your Special Day Forever: Whenever they will see see your gift, they will reconnect with the memories of your special day. You can even personalize it by adding your family name or couple name or thank you card.
A wedding occasion involves the gathering of loads of family members, relatives, friends, office colleagues, and others. However, presenting return gifts for wedding creates special memories, along with marking the occasion as a joyous one. Every person wants their guests to remember this big event in a special way.
In this way, every time they go through your gift, they will cherish these special memories they enjoyed during your wedding.
3) Feel Good, Bond Will Be Stronger: Pamper them, make them feel good. Memories will be created forever for them and hence you all will feel more close.
4) Shows Good Gesture: This may count as basic etiquette to give return gifts to your guests.
5) Happy Ending To The Special Day: It is well said, if end goes well then all is Happy Happy. So if you say Good Bye to your guests by gifting them, you both will feel good and happy.
6) Following History: As said above, return gifts is a concept that our ancestors used to follow.

Why Boontoon for Return Gifts?

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Moreover, you can personalize these articles by printing your name, company logo or thank you note. The best thing about it is that they carry an air of personalization, which makes them that much more special to their recipients.

Each time they take a look at your gift; they will be reminded of the time spent at your weddings and shall be cherishes with the great memories.