Harmony in Light Twin Lotus T-Lite Candle Holders Set

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16x15x15 cms approx
₹ 740.00 /piece
Lotus T-Lite Candle Holders Set: Illuminate with grace using this twin lotus ensemble, a perfect blend of art and ambiance.

Illuminate your space with grace using the Lotus T-Lite Candle Holders Set—a perfect blend of art and ambiance and the perfect gift for your loved ones, celebrating the finesse of Indian handcrafts. This set, featuring twin lotus-shaped holders, creates a harmonious play of light, infusing your surroundings with elegance. Beyond mere functionality, these holders stand as a statement in home decor, reflecting the meticulous artistry of Indian handcraft items. Gift your loved ones this enchanting ensemble, capturing the cultural richness and timeless beauty embedded in each piece. Let this set be the perfect gift, symbolizing the artful blend of tradition and contemporary charm.

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