Impress Your Guests - Amazing Return Gift Ideas That are Useful


Useful Handicraft Gifts

Well, whether it is someone’s anniversary, baby shower, wedding, or any event where you are going and thinking what to gift or return gift them, then Boontoon is the right place for you to find what you are looking for.

You can surf Boontoon - The Handicraft Online Store where all the handicrafts are listed, and you can select any product while let me make sure that none of the products will be out of your budget.

We are calling them useful gifts because they can be gifted to anyone no matter what their age is as the variety is wide.

Secondly, the gifts are useful and decorative to yourself also as they are not heavy on your budget and you won’t have to spend a lot on buying it.

Types of Useful Gifts

  • Candle Holders: We offer different types of candle holders, depending on your budget, such as you can start from Rs. 200 and go up to Rs. 800. All the candle stand are different in designs and materials, such as you can see a wooden candle stand, while there will be a Ganesha T-Light candle stand.
  • Dry Fruit Box: Boontoon offers dry fruit boxes which can be taken both as an ornamental piece and as a useful item for serving dry fruits to your guests.
    These boxes are made of different kinds of materials, such as one box has a meenakari craft, while others made of marble work or wooden on it. Moreover, all these dry fruit boxes are under your budget, and you do not have to think twice while buying one of these.
  • Buddha Statues:Buddha is the figure of peace, serene and humanity, and Boontoon online offers different types of Buddha statues in different colors and designs.
    Moreover, these Buddha statues are at different prices and sizes, and they have different postures too from which you can select which one you want.
  • Showpieces: These decorative pieces are amazing and truly handmade. You can choose from a Musician showpiece, marble plates, Lord Idols, Buddha statue etc.. for the home décor or a Rajasthani decorative kaka kaki miniature heads to decorate any of your rooms.
  • Wall Hangings: Wall hangings enhance any room and area's beauty, and they make the places attractive. Moreover, you can get different kinds of wall hangings here, such as a dual peacock wall décor piece or an iron leaf tree round wall décor. You can also get around golden flower wall décor or a handcrafted quadra leaf candle wall décor. All these things are inside your purchasing power, and you won’t feel that your budget is disturbed.
  • Key Holder: Keyholders play an important role in our home living room or the corridor as we all have cars or other vehicles.
    To place that key in such a place where it won’t be lost or misplaced, these creative and attractive key holders are the best option. With these, the corridor's aesthetics are also maintained, and your keys will be in a safe place all the time. These aesthetic key holders can also be a beautiful decorative piece in your house wall's or a religious one or one with historical painting on it.
  • Pen Stand: A pen stand is a very useful gift that you can give to students or to adult as they can use it during their study or office time.

    Moreover, these pen stands come in different shapes and designs, and you can select the one according to the age of the person to whom you want to give.

    Moreover, some of the pen holders even have a clock attached to it, which can help you view the time along with keeping all of your favorite pens in a single place.

    The best thing about these pen holders is that they are not expensive and can easily buy them with your pocket money.
  • Desk Organizer: Desk Organizer contains all those items which can help you to arrange your desk easily in an effective manner. It contains a pen holder, a tea coaster which you can use to put your cup in places, a tissue paper box, and a holder box for magazines.
  • Mouth Freshener: Who could have thought that the mouth freshener would be in the list of those items you can gift to someone. It is one of the useful gifts as it comes in different designs, shapes, and colors.
    Apart from just being a useful gift, it gives you a royal look to present someone with such a thought-provoking gift. Boontoon online makes sure that you have to adjust your budget to buy any of these useful gifts and all the prices are reasonable.

So what you are waiting for? Check out our range of beautiful handmade items as useful return gifts.