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The decoration is not about making stage sets, it is not about making pretty pictures for magazines, it is really about creating a quality life, a beauty that nourishes the soul.

Decorative art is an art of designs and decoration of objects concerning both their utility and aesthetic sense. Decorating houses with precious and soothing items is as old as this civilization itself.

From Indus civilization to till date, humans are judged by their aesthetic taste of decorating their houses. In early eras when this art was developing, people made items with their hands for their own houses as well as intra-tribal and inter-tribal trades.

With the advancement of science and western revolution, today fine and delicate art pieces are made with machines. Their quality, delicacy, and beauty have no doubt increased, but their spiritual and traditional values are markedly reduced.

Rajasthan, a paradise of handicrafts, has kept their spiritual and traditional values as well as raised the designing and finishing to the levels of perfection. That is why their items are not only praised all around the world but are also highly demanded items in international markets.

Their specialty even lies in these beautiful decorative yet useful handmade wall hangings, these make your empty wall look beautiful and fill all the emptiness in your house and heart as well.

With these Rajasthani handicrafts like Baal krishna hanging art, Ganesh murti and hanging arts, traditional jharokhas, subh labh and toran, you can decorate your house with pure Rajasthani culture and according to your own aesthetic and religious needs.

Religion is another name for belief. These wall hangings strengthen your belief, keep you connected to your roots, keep you safe and bring you mental, social and spiritual satisfaction in this fast paced materialistic world.

Our professional artisans at Boonton.com provide you with the most stunning and wide collection of Rajasthani Handmade decoration pieces and wall hangings.

Our wide range of wall hangings range from spiritual oxidised Baal Krishn carved on peepal leave, oxidised Ganesh on Swastik symbols, circular showpiece Ganesh, oxidised Raam Darbar and Kali maa wall hangings to traditional Rajasthani Jharokha with camel print and wooden carved temples, from decorative marble and gemstone photo frames and metal wind chimes to daily use Ganesh and Buddha T-light candle holders and beautiful gemstone, metal and marble key holders. Our beautifully designed Shubh labh and toran, to bring good luck on you and your business are also highly praised and demanded all over the world.

All items are of professional quality best in whole Rajasthan and our prices are best and affordable too, from starting just from Rs 300.

Place your order online to get these pieces of Rajasthani art and love for yourself and as gifts for others, expressing your wishes in a beautiful way. Bulk orders are also delivered.