Wedding Return Gifts

1. On display is a beautiful Handmade Multicolor Embossed Wooden Utility Box!

2. This Multicolor Embossed box is made of sustainable wood and hand-painted with various but complementary Rajasthani designs.

3. This charming and adorable colorful drawer box is ideal for storing your small treasures.

4. It is adorned with an intricate design and riotous colors that will catch everyone's attention.

5. This box has a finely carved wooden body with high-quality embossed design work.

6. The vibrant colors and sturdy design make this handmade box an excellent choice, even for Indian gifts.

7. This festive season, gift this aesthetically handcrafted masterpiece to your friends, family members, colleagues, business partners, and loved ones on different special occasions.

Gifting Suggestion: - Diwali, Holi, Anniversary, Weddings, and many other festive occasions.

There are a number of tea coasters, but this tea coaster is differently designed in the shape of a wooden chair which is elegant and sophisticated as well. The beautiful set of 6 coasters are made of sheesham wood which a fine hue of rich timber color.
Hand painted & crafted wooden box is essential for daily use. The beautiful wooden hand painted box splashes the vivacity of this art piece, which makes it irresistable to have.
Multi coloured Meenakari designed chowki is something you wish to have at your house. Dimensionally not so big, the chowki showcases the epic skill & artistry of Rajasthani artisan, which harmonize the beauty of this piece as always.

Everyone looks for beautiful pooja thali during religious ceremonies or auspicious occasions. Having a pooja thali that combines the timeless elegance of German silver with ultimate detailing and flawless craftsmanship can add value to spiritual rituals.


Indian Marriage/Wedding Return Gifts For Guests

A wedding is a special occasion for upcoming couples. Weddings are among the most auspicious and celebratory of occasions, and the exchange of gifts form an integral part of this venerated tradition. It involves a lot of celebrations, excitement, and gifts. Without proper return gifts, the entire function looks incomplete. Exchanging gifts with one another is one of the most important parts of Indian culture. Moreover, it also signifies a token of love and a message of gratitude between your guests and close ones.

Another key importance of gifts is that many family members come from far-off places for showering their love and blessings on the new couple. To make it a memorable wedding, there is no better option than gifting the best wedding favors to your guests.

However, finding the perfect Indian wedding return gifts for guests can be quite a challenging task awaiting the newlywed couple, as well as, their families. This is where the internet has proven to be saviour with a seemingly unending treasure trove of excellent wedding return gift ideas.

A few questions generally arise while thinking to buy wedding return gifts are:

  • How do I make my wedding guest feel special?

    Few tips that will make your guest will feel special like:

    1. Out Of Station Guest: If they are not local to your city, note down their plan of arrival and departure. Receive and drop facility should be provided to them.
    2. Book a room for them, in which they will feel comfortable. Make sure the eatery and toiletries basket should be there
    3. Share all the functions with time, so they will be pre-informed and have room for no last moment mess ups
    4. A Short & Sweet Ceremony, they’ll praise it
    5. If in your budget, pamper them by booking a beautician or massager for them
    6. Good Food
    7. The Right Music Mix
    8. Offer form of entertainment such as a photo booth, games, dancing zone etc.., they can also create memories
    9. A small gift, in a ceremony like ladies' sangeet, engagement or mehndi (if it suits your budget)
    10. A Photo with YOU, The Newlyweds
    11. Give wedding favors when they depart as a good thank-you gesture for attending the wedding


  • How much should you pay for return gifts for a wedding?

    Thought it truly depends on your budget.

    1. If your expenses are going out of your budget, then you can choose to return gifts as low as Rs 200/-
    2. On average, people spend Rs 500 to Rs 700 for wedding return gifts
    3. If your pocket allows and you are really willing to feel your guests more special, then you can choose return gifts range above Rs 1000/-


  • What are cheap return gifts?

    A few return gifts that will be praised by your guests and within your budget are:

    1. Key Holders
    2. Tea Coaster
    3. Jewellery Box
    4. Something Personalized
    5. Glass or Bowl Sets
    6. Wall Hangings
    7. Crystal Tokri
    8. God Idols
    9. Dry Fruit Box
    10. Pooja Thali
    11. Potli or Bags
    12. Photo Frames with pictures of the wedding couple
    13. Showpiece
    14. Candle Holders


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