Womens Day Gifts

The matching earrings square measure designed specifically just like the pendant and compliment the jewellery absolutely to create a swish jewelry set. Provide yourself the royal treatment!
The combination of red and white kundan beads set in a much outlined pattern beside the red teardrop hanging adorned with little inexperienced beads at the highest, enhance their grace.
The dazzle of blue stones makes the peacocks come back to life whereas the glitter of white stones forming their tail still because the pink teardrop hanging boost overall beauty.
The base of the bangles has been molded from gold plated brass metal that has been bedded by curved frames of same metal containing little ruby and emerald stones set in a very triangular formation.
This splendid combine of kundan bangles has been given associate degree exquisite look because of the inexperienced shading at the perimeters of the circular and teardrop formed stones that area unit set in an exceedingly chain type round the circumferenc
Adorning these metal patterns square measure the glistering lovely white and red stones of varied shapes and sizes. The bangle is but, obtainable solely in a very single commonplace size.
The sensible color the exquisite style and therefore the glistering masonry, all mix to makes this bangle a sublime piece of jewelry for girls of substance. However, the awful bangle is accessible solely in a very single commonplace size.
This pendant set presents an excellent example of exquisite craft and ancient style. The center formed pendant is adorned with lovely stone and hanging bead work. The inexperienced background of the centre has been overlaid with convoluted metal work.
The elegant combination of white and red stone work is what makes this try of earrings really fashionable and stylish. Though the stones are set in a very straightforward style, the general impact they produce is really mesmeric, A real treat for eyes!
This designer jewelry set options gold plated brass metal balls adorned with lovely and colourful stones. The planning offers the looks of the metal having been overlaid on the gathering of various coloured stones to offer the form of a ball.
The aglitter parti coloured stones that adorn the whole circumference of the bangle enhance its overall look and attractiveness creating it extraordinarily desperate to most ladies within the initial look.
This finely styled kundan ring options a floral design crafted on a base metal of gold plated brass and adorned with white kundan stones of various shapes and sizes during a circular flower pattern.
The floral style of this finely designed ring is crafted from the oval formed central piece of dark inexperienced stone and also the teardrop formed white kundan stones whose tips face inwards to offer a circular look on the outer edges.
The simple style of those turquoise earrings adds to their beauty and charm. Use it for everyday wear or dazzle everybody with these elegant earrings on a big day.
The jhumkis are fantastically adorned with scintillate Kundan beads of various colours and shapes and conjointly feature a string of very little red rounded beads hanging at the top.
The jewellery options a red beaded string having a pendant made of white kundan stones organized in heart form and having a red teardrop hanging. The earrings square measure designed within the same manner as pendant.

Celebrate International Women's Day With Boontoon

Women’s Day is commended comprehensively on 8th March each year out of appreciation for their incredible commitment to our society. The day likewise celebrates the moving part of ladies around the globe to secure ladies' rights and assemble more even-handed social orders. Women’s Day additionally recalls the voices of numerous ladies that go unheard and who keep on being commanded from securing their rights and understanding their maximum capacity.

"Woman" evokes the pictures of magnanimous love, care and friendship. In the meantime, ladies touch off the soul of energy and hope. Tragically, over the world, ladies needed to battle for their freedom and assurance of rights. Since decades, ladies had battled as yet are battling to express their entitlement to discourse, to vote, to equity, to training, to salary and in particular, to flexibility.

Worldwide Women’s Day respects the ladies who have cleared the way towards our advance and attempted to take "womanhood" to a level where it is currently. Shockingly, in the meantime, the day is an indication of the segregation and imbalance that still keeps on plaguing our general public. This exceptional day, devoted to ladies around the globe, is a festival of the colossal accomplishment of women over all circles of life and also moulding what's to come.

The target of Women’s Day is to offer love and thanks towards women's' commitment to our lives and society. It respects the power and battles of ladies who have broken all boundaries and achieved the apex of accomplishment in each circle of life. To make a women feel appreciated and loved by giving them traditional handicraft online gifts from Boontoon.

We have varieties of hand made crafts made from materials like marble, wooden, wooden gemstone, wooden kundan, german silver, meenakari, oxidised, gemstone, brass, metal etc. India is a place where there is assorted societies and ethnicity.

Our unique hand made traditional gift collection for women includes butterfly shaped dry fruit bowl, graceful metal and crystal basket, wooden gemstone coaster with stand, meenakari show pieces, German Silver Pooja thalis and much more. The price of our collection ranges from Rs 135/- to Rs 5100/-.

For all the women who were celebrated on 8th March, and want to pay their gratitude to their loved ones who were there for her, we also have an option of bulk buying. You can easily choose to buy our traditional handicraft gifts to send as gifts to let your friends and family that you appreciate their compassion for you. Our Indian Handicrafts are a gift that can never go out of style and fashion. Our items are loved praised all over the world, including USA, UK, Australia, Singapore etc.

You can also personalize your gift with personal name/ logos/company names. We have the option available for you, to make your present exclusive and one of a kind. Choose Boontoon today and make your gift the most cherished one. You can get messages written with your gift, for instance: Well behaved women rarely make history or You go, girl!!