Wooden Handicraft Items

History of Wooden Handicrafts

The history of Wood craft goes back to the Palaeolithic period and was fueled by the need for both functional and artistic items as well as the wide availability of wood from forests.

Wood has always been a popular medium for handmade things, thanks to its ease of use, durability, ready availability and affordability.

Various techniques are used to create the different artistic items, including carving, using lattice work, inlaying with ivory and metal, stenciling, lacquering and hand painting.

Various civilizations from Egypt to Indochina to Roman have created beautiful works of wood craft as evidenced by statues, doors, columns, jewellery boxes, furniture and many other items discovered in temples, private homes and architectural sites around the world.

Wood art and craft continues to be an extremely popular artistry from today, thanks to the artisans who create these wooden artifacts with care and professionalism.

Wood Crafts In India

Wood art & craft has existed in many forms in India since historical times and can be seen on the beautifully carved doors found on temples and palaces.

A wide variety of woods have been used over the centuries depending on availability and region, including sandalwood, rosewood, teak, mango, ebony and others.

There are a number of Artisan Woodcraft Clusters in India, each associated with particular types of art including carvings, screens, boxes, clocks and many others.

Wood handicrafts from India scene has become the cynosure of global attention because of the rich variety and fine quality craftsmanship they stand for.

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