Wooden Handicraft Items

Wooden Horse Shaped Stool with Embossed Work
This wooden horse-shaped stool with embossed work is as quirky as it gets design-wise, while the ethnic Indian artwork present on it is highly impressive.
Exquisitely Carved Wooden Temple For Puja
950.00 - ₹ 1,130.00
This exquisitely carved wooden temple for puja is bound to add piety and auspiciousness to any household by being the abode of divinity.
Antique Wooden Stone Studded Camel Showpiece
The antique wooden stone studded camel figuring for home decor is bewitchingly beautiful, and dazzles with all the embedded stones to make it a fine addition to any household.
Round Shaped Wooden Wall Clock
2,130.00 - ₹ 2,530.00
The round shaped wooden wall clock is the perfect choice for adding elegance to any wall in your household
Colorful Camel Print Rajasthani Wooden Jharokha Online
The camels that adorn the top of the wooden jharokha, or maybe the straightforward and wonderful hand-painted patterns, all the aspects of the jharokha, increase its beauty and magnificence.
Hut Shaped Photo Frame
520.00 - ₹ 620.00
Elegantly handcrafted wooden hut photo frame for your destinations photos
Turban Man Figurine
4,120.00 - ₹ 4,900.00
This handcrafted colourful welcoming turban man solves gifting problems with a simple approach
Wooden Camel With Iron Bell
860.00 - ₹ 1,020.00
Elegant looking wooden handcrafted colourful camel showpiece with iron bell for the perfect housewarming present
Single compartment engraved resin jewellery box
High quality single compartment resin jewellery box with elegant inscriptions and complementing colour patterns, adding to the diversity of showpiece collections.
Wooden apple designed tea coasters
400.00 - ₹ 480.00
Make your moments perfect and refreshing with the wooden apple design tea coasters which are carved beautifully and intrinsically by the best artisans and craftsmen in India
Handmade wooden tea coasters
470.00 - ₹ 560.00
There are a number of tea coasters, but this tea coaster is differently designed in the shape of a wooden chair which is elegant and sophisticated as well. The beautiful set of 6 coasters are made of sheesham wood which a fine hue of rich timber color.
The Perfect Home Décor With Wooden Cart Design Tea Coasters
It's time to move your eye away from the wall hangings and turning to some home décor items. The wooden cart design tea coasters are one of the most stylish and fashionable coasters designed in the shape of a wooden cart. It is an epitome of style and elegance and is good for any Victorian setting
Square Shaped Wooden Box with Painting on It for Sale
The meenakari handwork stands out in the room, and gives off an aura of class and opulance. Use it as a gift item or show piece in your house & irradiate the beauty of your home by placing it on the table top of your living room or simply use it as a box to secure your personal holdings.
Hand painted wooden box
470.00 - ₹ 560.00
Hand painted & crafted wooden box is essential for daily use. The beautiful wooden hand painted box splashes the vivacity of this art piece, which makes it irresistable to have.
Brown and white wooden tea coasters
250.00 - ₹ 290.00
These wooden tea coasters are now avilable for the best price, which will go a long way to bring a little excitement to your drawing room.
Checkered design wooden dry fruit box
330.00 - ₹ 390.00
This dry fruit box of minimalistic design will compliment any corresponding show piece or item that it is placed near, or paired with
Handmade wooden tortoise
460.00 - ₹ 550.00
Get this beautiful handmade wooden tortoise exclusively, and at the best price. This will be a valuable addition to any living room.
Wooden carving of Ganesh under leaf
330.00 - ₹ 390.00
Buy this beautiful ganesh under a chatri craved completely out of wood. This little wooden showpiece exhudes a rustic class, and is great as a housewarming present
Wooden drawer cum watch
790.00 - ₹ 940.00
Add the touch of wood in the form of Wooden Multicolor Drawer With Watch. Put the watch in the best place so that you can display it to your guests with pride.
Brown colored gorgeous SHUBH LABH made from wood for
The piece of SHUBH LABH is made from wood & have brown background with beautiful Kundan work on it, which gives a special rustic appearance & also considered as the auspicious to hang inside the house. The two magic words in hindi made on a beautiful frame is definitely what you desire to have in your house.
Buddha key hanger with a stunning black finish
Made from Wood & having paper mache work on it, the black coloured Buddha faced key hanger is the excellent example of skilled craftsmanship. Buy this online to make your guests awe!
Beautiful Hand Painted Dual Wall Hanger for Your Home
The fancy design & colourful painting combo makes this key hanger a must to buy product. You can hang keys or cloths & this hand embellished holder once procured, can enhance the décor of your home.
Wooden Dryfruit Box With Resin and Brass
Wonderfully crafted and flawlessly designed, this wooden dry fruit box is the best option to beautify your tabletop as well as the finest option of return gift.
Wooden dry fruit box
390.00 - ₹ 460.00
Rectangular shaped handicraft wooden gift made and designed with brass and resin dry fruit containment box to woo the beauty of your tabletop!
Wooden Box with 6 Compartments and Transparent Lid
This trapezoidal shaped wooden dry fruit box will captivate everyone by its look and finishing. Simple yet outrageously gorgeous, this box might be the desire for anyone who is fond of home decoration.
Wooden Dry Fruit Storage Box with Brass Carvings
Rectangular shaped high quality resin and brass designed wooden box for containing dry fruits and other delicacies. Make you table top glamourus by putting this in style!
Wooden pitari box with royal designs
730.00 - ₹ 860.00
Beautifully designed wooden box throughout the body, this jewellery box is best to keep your valuables safely at one place.
Trunk shaped compact jewellery bangle box made of wood
Trunk shaped yellow coloured pitari box with intricate craftwork by brass and resin on it. It is most favourite among the ladies to use it to store bangles, jewelleries and other valuables in style.
Wooden pitari box with brass & resin designs
This pitari box is most demanding because of its unique shape and design. If your lady wish to have this to keep her valuables safely, then hit the order now option soon!
Wooden Mobile Holder for Office Desk
160.00 - ₹ 190.00
Fancy gemstone and wood crafted, this mobile phone stand is wide enough for all sizes of the cellular device available and looks outstanding with a sturdy framework.
Wooden Chess Set
540.00 - ₹ 640.00
Wooden chess board set to amalgamate aristrocacy and fun together
Navaratan hanging balls necklace
1,480.00 - ₹ 1,760.00
This designer jewelry set options gold plated brass metal balls adorned with lovely and colourful stones. The planning offers the looks of the metal having been overlaid on the gathering of various coloured stones to offer the form of a ball.
Dissymetric ruby balls necklace
1,420.00 - ₹ 1,680.00
The red ruby balls that are overlaid with reticular gold plated brass metal provide this jewelry set a royal and exquisite look.

History of Wooden Handicrafts

The history of Wood craft goes back to the Palaeolithic period and was fueled by the need for both functional and artistic items as well as the wide availability of wood from forests.

Wood has always been a popular medium for handmade things, thanks to its ease of use, durability, ready availability and affordability.

Various techniques are used to create the different artistic items, including carving, using lattice work, inlaying with ivory and metal, stenciling, lacquering and hand painting.

Various civilizations from Egypt to Indochina to Roman have created beautiful works of wood craft as evidenced by statues, doors, columns, jewellery boxes, furniture and many other items discovered in temples, private homes and architectural sites around the world.

Wood art and craft continues to be an extremely popular artistry from today, thanks to the artisans who create these wooden artifacts with care and professionalism.

Wood Crafts In India

Wood art & craft has existed in many forms in India since historical times and can be seen on the beautifully carved doors found on temples and palaces.

A wide variety of woods have been used over the centuries depending on availability and region, including sandalwood, rosewood, teak, mango, ebony and others.

There are a number of Artisan Woodcraft Clusters in India, each associated with particular types of art including carvings, screens, boxes, clocks and many others.

Wood handicrafts from India scene has become the cynosure of global attention because of the rich variety and fine quality craftsmanship they stand for.

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