Wooden Kundan Handicrafts

About Combination Of Wood & Kundan Handicraft Items

What Is Kundan?

Kundan refers to a technique that is used for designing and decorating jewelry, fabrics, and handicrafts. This is one of the oldest forms of jewelry decoration practiced in ancient times. The Kundan art had now spread in many parts of the world.

The process of Kundan décor or jewel setting involves setting the Kundan gems on the surface by inserting gold foils between the mount and the gemstones. Ornaments and gifts of Kundan jewelry are well popular in all parts of India, as well as in various other countries abroad including USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, etc.

This traditional and antique form of decoration is popular for its royal opulence that has an association with Indian culture. The term Kundan itself, when translated means refined gold.


Kundan crafts are rich aesthetically and generally more affordable and easier to maintain.

The basic process of kundan work is applied on a piece of wooden handicraft or item where Kundan gemstones and pearls are added on top of a wooden base to complete the overall look.

The process of adorning gems on the wooden surface is intricate to ensure that the designs and patterns are neat and pleasing to the eye.

Expertly trained craftsmen carry out the process of Kundan work. There are those that create the overall design, others are responsible for the engraving process. After that, the jewelers themselves apply the final elegant design that you will consequently enjoy and appreciate. An outstanding fact is that the varied kundan designs make one look more stylish and fashionable.

Kundan work itself is so extraordinary that anything, whether jewelry, fabrics or handicrafts, that is decorated using it would make an excellent addition in the household or as a gift at a wedding or a corporate event.

Today, since the Kundan jewelry is extensive, there are a design and handicraft to suit each person, event or décor. Moreover, most Kundan handicrafts are easily accessible and easy to maintain for long term use.

Most Kundan crafts are easy to clean with a piece of cloth. However, it is still important to ensure that you store your handicrafts well to ensure their durability.


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